What did you meme?

Let’s begin with just how morally bankrupt this argument actually is, and how it’s obscenely dishonest due to the fact that it is two different arguments, the first argument being whether abortion is moral, and the second being whether we should take in droves of Syrian refugees. This is the kind of spin and rhetoric that is common place especially on the Left, and the argument is entirely emotional and obviously has no basis in logic. I will cover some of the sophistry of the abortion part but let’s mainly focus on the refugees because this is completely ludicrous.

1.) Not one person has said that Syrian children aren’t human
2.) No Syrian child has died because the United States didn’t take refugees
3.) Many Liberals don’t believe in God, or hate the concept of religion (except Islam apparently) so it’s a bit ridiculous for you to try and use it as an argument

If you are outraged over the deaths of Syrian children then why are you not protesting the weak foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration? If you’re being honest with yourself than you have to accept that Obama and Hillary Clinton pushing for regime change throughout the middle east absolutely led to the destabilization of the region, and arming the Syrian opposition helped escalate the conflict, then being weak when you drew your “red line” made any actions by the Assad government fair game. There have been an estimated 400,000 people killed throughout the course of this civil war, 14,000 of which were children so if you are outraged over the death of refugee children why don’t you ask why the Obama administration armed rebel groups, got authorization to intervene, and then half assed the entire operation and only made things worse due to lack of strategy?

So before you get up on your moral high horse why don’t you consider the argument you are making and whether or not you are being intellectually honest. Children dying in Syria are not because we aren’t taking in refugees, they are dying because there is a war in Syria, so you need to support an end to the war, it doesn’t matter which end you want whether it is Assad in power or the rebels taking over, but an end to the war is the only way to end those deaths. Those who can make it out but aren’t in the United States are in Turkey, Northern Iraq, Jordan, and Europe so quit lying to yourself and everyone else about how our concern over these refugees and children being killed in Syria have any true cause and effect connection because it’s absolutely untrue. Finally, if you are going to be COMPLETELY honest, then you should also be outraged over the fact that the persecuted non-Muslim groups (Christians, Druz, Yazidis, Bahá’ís, and Zoroastrians) who do not qualify as refugees according to the UN and have been systematically murdered, raped, and tortured for years by ISIS and other groups armed by the Obama administration and have no escape because they aren’t refugees.

You don’t care about the Syrian children, you just want to guilt trip Republicans into supporting this mass migration of questionable people who have and will continue to be infiltrated by terror groups.


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