Establishment wants everyone to think Rome is burning

I have done my best to understand and be sympathetic to religious conservatives and establishment Republicans throughout the primaries and this race. I have also clearly stated that I did not vote for Donald Trump in my states primary. What I can’t really stand is how they keep revitalizing this #nevertrump movement and think it’s ridiculous that Trump supporters are also still holding faith in their campaign.

I have several podcasts I follow, mostly from conservatives. They have decided after the audio released this weekend that they just couldn’t stand behind Trump what so ever. I can understand someone feeling that way, but for them to grab onto the immediate poll numbers and acting like that’s the end all be all in this election is total bullshit and dishonest. I find it interesting that these same conservatives are rallying behind Paul Ryan, who was the great enemy because of porkulous just mere months ago, but hey, screw consistency guys!!

We had an angry tea party who told the GOP what they wanted and why they felt like they weren’t being properly represented. That tea party secured numerous GOP victories in the coming elections and Obama was allowed to play king the entire time and we haven’t heard a damn thing from those same men we put into office. I guess conservatives forgot all of these things when Ted Cruz lost, a battle they seem to keep fighting, as if they’ll wake up and Cruz will be the nominee and everything will be all better!

It’s becoming more obvious to me that those who call themselves conservatives are much bigger fans to the business as usual republican party, or that they want a candidate who will quote bible verses to prove how faithful they are to our lord and savior, and they are willing to allow another liberal justice on the supreme court just to stand on their principles of rubbing cheetoes in their face and running to the mountains because the second messiah isn’t running for President anymore. It gets old fast to be let down by the GOP, and you can’t be angry when I watched conservatives suddenly become ok with immigration because the GOP did, become ok with failed foreign policy because the GOP did, and abandon everything we stood for when we got you elected, and you want to tell us that WE abandoned our principles?


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