Too big to jail?!

If I ever wanted to have proof that the media and the Leftist Kook-Aid drinkers were ready to abandon all logic just to see someone win it would be the reaction we see from them when it comes to Donald Trump’s comments last night about having a special prosecutor look into the email scandal and that she’d be in jail if he were President. The new mantra is that this isn’t a dictatorship, we don’t jail our political opponents. The problem when you take this line is that it shows how complicit you are in two very real things:

1.) ANYONE else who did what Hillary has done would be in jail, she isn’t because she’s Hillary Clinton. That is a fact, verifiable since precedent has been set that may lead to the release of military personnel from prison due to the “Hillary clause” that was made up by John Comey just to explain away the fact he’s not prosecuting.

2.) The Democratic party, especially under Barack Obama, have absolutely jailed their political opposition for example Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who made the YouTube video Hillary used to lie to families about following the siege on the Libyan ebassy, or how about Dinesh D’sousa who was jailed under a charge that had never been used before oddly after he released a documentary critical of the Obama administration.

They are correct in saying that this isn’t a dictatorship, which is why we aren’t going to support someone like Hillary Clinton, someone who has broken laws and somehow has gotten away with it, you know, like a dictator does. We are going to elect someone who won’t target political opposition with the IRS, or try to use the supreme court to silence free speech (see: citizens united), you know, like a dictator does.

So yes, we the proletariat wish to topple the Grande Bourgeoisie that is the Clinton empire. An empire rife with corruption, scandal, and seemingly above the law. What can I say, we choose the law and order candidate, we expect the law to be upheld. Hillary Clinton is not too big to jail, no matter how much the media and the Kool-aid drinkers want her to be.


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