The Swan Song of The Left

If I’m being totally honest I have to admit that I’ve been celebrating what I can only define as the ultimate campaign of denial and the slow slip into insanity that ultimately would come to a society that realizes the death of their false God. It has become undeniable that Hillary Clinton is in fact a terrible human being, and emboldened even the most wavering of Trump supporters to say “I may not like the things Trump has said, but I will not abide the things Clinton has done”. The death rattle coming from the Left is completely their own fault, when debating many of these people on the different controversies whether it’s the foundations pay-to-play or the email scandal involving the improper storage of classified information, the challenge from the Left was always “if any of this was true, why hasn’t she been indicted?” Well, the investigation is raging and the attacks against James Comey from the left has only resulted in the FBI releasing all the dirt they have on the Clintons in a mudslinging competition of epic proportions, need I remind you, us on the Right hated Comey for saying Clinton broke the law and not recommending charges to a grand jury, but that is very different from personal attacks and attempts at slander.
The swan song of the progressive movement is a dirge of hypocrisy and corruption. In public crowds upon a stage they sing the song of the working class, but behind closed doors they push to ship jobs overseas. In town hall meetings they rally for reform on Wall Street, yet accept massive donations from banks and investment firms, and in campaign ads they scream about the repeal of Citizens United, yet have the most elaborate network of Super PACs than any other party.

It has become obvious that the Left has wasted all the ammunition they have against Donald Trump because if there were anything left they would have released it by now. The name of the game this time is to work the propaganda machine and spread as much misinformation as possible. Several progressive news sights and social media outlets are pushing old, disproven narratives and even some of them are trying to push absolutely false stories, like the one about Trump communicating with Russia throughout his campaign. It has been exceptionally fun to get into the debate again and finally get to the brass tax of a situation:
I am charged to defend every Trump gaffe, old news story, or completely made up narrative. It’s your turn to either defend these charges against Clinton, or say her behavior is unacceptable, but you’ll still vote for her.
We are only asking for them to be treated the same way we have, but instead of doing what every one of us on the Right has done, which is say when we are displeased with our candidate, and say why we still support him, they have decided to delve into the tin foil behatted conspiracies of Russian collusion, and sexism, why is that you ask? Because they are pathetic, and lost their media talking points they desperately needed to defend their candidate.
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