Liberals have no morality

Tuesday is the final showdown in what has been a tumultuous election season for every party involved. We have seen some of the most prolific change in how politics is not only perceived by the public, but also, how the old guard no longer has the power they used to. The answer that we have been able to glean from all of it is that the establishment is scared, and they absolutely should be.
Given that I started this Hatespeech enterprise this year I have been far more plugged in to the primaries and the elections more so than ever even though I am an avid consumer of politics. The part that I’ve loved the most is that all of the things that I have said for ages about the Left have become blatant and undeniable, though many still try to deny it.
I have seen the most dishonest attempts to white wash the Clinton scandals from surrogates of her campaign. Even though I’m certain that none of my regular readers and viewers require a summary of how incredibly psychotic it is for Leftists to continually lie to themselves and the American people, but I need to correct the record just in case there’s that one person who still has the shred of a reasonable mind that may vote for Clinton.

1.) Whether you’re bored/annoyed/frustrated/disgusted with the Email scandal, Hillary Clinton did break the law. Not only was it unethical to have a private server (I find it believable this was purely to obfuscate activity with her foundation) but classified documents were found on her private server which is a violation of U.S.C 18 and an Executive order, in case you missed it, that makes it a federal crime, one of which I would be prosecuted for, have seen people prosecuted for, and continually must train to avoid.
2.) If you’re a Liberal and share that meme where it shows the giant mansion and complains that it’s a preacher’s house saying that churches don’t need tax exempt status, you’re can’t honestly support Clinton since she made hundreds of millions off a charity
3.) Selling political influence is wrong. You tell me you want proof, how about you check for largest donors to the Clinton foundation and her scheduled meetings with foreign clients as the Secretary of State, apparently if you’re a Democrat you get the benefit of the doubt when there’s an incredible amount of damning evidence to the contrary.

These are just a few examples of why Democrats are morally corrupt and disgustingly biased in their perception of right and wrong.


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