Am I living in an alternate reality, or are Hillary Clinton’s supporters the biggest hypocrites ever? We heard her screech about “going high when they go low” and “stronger together”, granted this was peppered in with virtue signaling her supporters to revolt against a result they didn’t want and we all know it. The benefit of watching this unfold is we truly get to see how disgusting a human being Hillary Clinton is, I’m not blaming her supporters, those poor folks have been subtly being radicalized for over a year with dishonest rhetoric and hyperbole in preparation for this exact moment, an insurgency to topple social order and perhaps even a bloodless (hopefully) coup of the electoral system of the United States.

There are some very simple facts that we can actually cover right now to help:

  1. Donald Trump is not a racist. This is baseless and ridiculous and is now absolutely irresponsible, unless of course you want race riots again because you’re a baby who would rather see people dead than accept that you lost
  2. Donald Trump isn’t a Nazi, aside from the fact that the Nazi party aligns more with the socialist platform of the Democratic Party it is in fact also completely obscene and nothing more than a hope that people will violently revolt, some good old Alinsky tactics.
  3. Donald Trump isn’t going to “Get the gays”. Once again, baseless, entirely baseless and hyperbolic. Nothing like this has been stated, no evidence at all, just more empty rhetoric from a sickening woman who wanted an Army of sheep to burn America to the ground. “If I can’t have it, no one can!”
  4. Abortion going back to the states isn’t going to kill anyone, arguably to some it will result in less deaths in America. The programs offered at Planned Parenthood are not exclusive to Planned Parenthood, in fact, they are common at every OBGYN, with maybe the exception of abortion which means that the only unique feature of planned parenthood is abortion, something that if the market demanded it, would be available somewhere. The difference between Planned Parenthood and a doctor’s office? The doctor’s office doesn’t fund the Democratic Party.

Since early on in the campaign we were hearing the media and the Clinton campaign talk about the potential dangers of Donald Trump. We also learned they were paying people to go to Trump rallies and incite violence to push this “Donald Trump as President would lead to violence” narrative. What I find fascinating is that the obvious assumption was that if Trump were elected President HIS supporters would start all of these violent altercations.

They had this plan all along. When they said violence would erupt if Trump were President they were really saying “Erupt in violence IF Trump becomes President”. They were signaling to supporters that they should commit violent insurrection if this election didn’t go their way to prove a narrative they built for a year and they will point and say “See! We told you this would happen!” Yet it happened because they are the ones doing it.

One thing is certain in this post-election America, Liberals are poor losers and will do anything they can to destroy this country just to say “I was right”. The comparisons between what is happening right now and the tea party or any other Republican reaction to a Democrat winning the President pales so much in comparison they aren’t even equals. The facts are on my side, Republicans have never acted this way, we have never tried to change the bases of our electorate because we lost the game. Maybe if you’d stop running criminals and maybe had a fair primary to begin with you wouldn’t have such angry people in your base. This is your fault.

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