The Republican mandate

Though the intoxication of victory is a great feeling, it is time to get back to work and focus on repairing the damage from the Left, and building our republic to the shinning city on the hill once spoken of by Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump tapped into a message that the American people have been waiting a long time to hear, to best summarize it I would have to say it was “I see you, I know you’re there, I won’t forget about you”. This I believe was simply the part of his candidacy that propelled him to victory, and if he hadn’t had the missteps in the campaign he would have swept the country. The part of the country that he resonated with had been trampled on for a very long time and needed a champion, and like myself coming from rural Michigan and one of my best friends being from rural Pennsylvania, an aggressive vulgarian was like a good shot of whiskey on a Friday night.
Aside from the pathetic hysteria coming out of the Left which is as troubling as it is entertaining, there hasn’t been a lot of discussion about the upcoming Trump Presidency, unless of course the hyperbolic vitriol from millennials about somehow America is now Nazi Germany, or how slavery will suddenly exist again, all the baseless rhetoric Hillary had to make up to deflect from the fact that she was a human garbage dump. I will cover my examination of the cry baby movement in another post, for now, let’s discuss where we go from here.
This entire campaign season was dismal if we are being honest with ourselves, turnout was not very high, numbers so far look as if Donald Trump had about 1 million less votes than Mitt Romney in 2012, but Hillary Clinton missed Barack Obama’s 2012 mark by nearly 6 million, 10 million from his 2008 performance. The Democrats very much lost this election more than the Republicans won it, and what I believe we lacked was a solid message because the party has become tone deaf to the population, and I believe Trump will fix that. The Republicans earned the forgiveness of the electorate for showing they supported the voice of the people in the nomination, even though they obviously hated every moment of it, with that forgiveness comes a great responsibility, you have total control of the House, Senate, and White House, Don’t. Screw. Up!
Donald Trump made some big infrastructure promises in his acceptance speech, this is always a little rattling for conservatives because they invariably equal incredible amounts of money added to the national debt, something that is already out of control. Trump and congress need to focus on these basic positions and I guarantee a Regan-esque victory in 2020

• Bring down the national debt
• Bolster the economy and add jobs
• Insert conservative constitutionalists to the court
• Restore America’s credibility abroad

Those are the basics and will lead us not only to victory in 2020, but if guided properly by the congress Trump could replace Reagan as the example of Republican conservatism for the next generation.

Aaron Bierlein is a U.S. Army veteran and host of Hatespeech blog’s weekly podcast Hatespeech live! Check out more of his work: or

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