Why defeating Trump is impossible

The easiest way to summarize the election season from the prospective of a conservative who supported Trump, it would be that of a great tragedy. It would open with our protagonist making a decision he knew was right, only to face ridicule and rejection at every turn, but in end, bloodied and beaten he would reach his goal and prove everyone wrong. This is why so many of his supporters are taking wild victory laps on social media and finally pushing back against all those who didn’t believe in them.

This is the exact reason why you can’t defeat Donald Trump.

We had to read, thoroughly research, and fact check every claim made by progressives, Clinton surrogates, even the media because you could never tell when they were reporting, editorializing, or just being hyperbolic. The misinformation campaign against Trump ruined the credibility of the media, one great example is how many people will tell you Trump molested a 13 year old girl, really, I heard it almost every day, it was a completely unfounded claim based on some anonymous complaint filed by an obvious Clinton operative or crazy person, yet to many, completely valid.

With Clinton we didn’t have to lie. Sure we could crack jokes that she had Vince Foster killed, but really, the reality of Hillary Clinton was so terrible and corrupt we didn’t need to make anything up, the problem was that her supporters refused to see reason, and pretended that nothing bad ever happened. This echo chamber of denial was so strong that it almost drove some of us over the edge, the lemming like entourage that followed Clinton was willing to go to war with Russia and drone strike Assange for revealing her corruption, yet still somehow denying it. Even now, they act like babies and protest Democracy.

You can’t defeat Donald Trump because we know exactly who he is, and we voted for him. We saw the Left for their lies and we see them now for their deception, a party that would rather destroy this great nation than lose. We are battle hardened from this election and you can’t handle losing one aspect of the political process, if this is any indication of the next four years, the Democrat party is doomed.


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