Learn from history

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. These must be the watchwords of the new conservative movement. If we allow ourselves to forget what has transpired in the last few years we risk losing everything we have gained.

Even though media giants like SNL decided to let us have a laugh this last weekend with their skit “The bubble” we can’t forget that for the last year they told middle class hardworking families that they were intellectually and morally deficient because they didn’t accept the God-queen Hillary. We can’t forget that the major media outlets and newspapers said that her presidency was a sure thing, ultimately proving what was once a conspiracy theory, the major media lies to us all and engages in voter suppression to support the Democratic party. We can’t forget that in the final stretches of her campaign Hillary got rap stars, actors, and has-been Sci-fi TV stars to lecture us to vote for her, seriously, don’t forget that.

The media today begs for unity (read: forgiveness), Obama begs for us to come together, yet stays his tongue in denouncing the riots and violence against Trump supporters, to which there’s ample proof they are far more common than the “hate crimes” purportedly committed  by Trump supporters. Social media is on fire with devious plans coming out of the left to disenfranchise the majority of America save California and New York, the rage is deep because a lot of very rich people lost a lot of money on their bet for Hillary. Reports of Hillary raging after Florida was lost and the pictures of the week long cry fest of Huma tells us that their chamber may have echoed the most out of anyone in the country and should worry anyone who thought she’d be a successful president if surrounded by all those yes men.

Do not allow your heart to forgive those who said you were subhuman for supporting Trump. Don’t give mercy to those who called you racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobia, sexist, misogynist, stupid, ignorant, red neck, and deplorable. Do not forget who they truly are, always know behind that smile on TV they are loathing the America that actually exists while, they find a way to sell you the one that doesn’t.

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