How the hell can you glorify Castro?!

In the two weeks following the election I’ve been subjected to a barrage of news stories and social media posts where the regressive Left has compared President-elect Donald Trump to Hitler, when suddenly Fidel Castro dies and Democrat politicians have thrown all of their credibility out the window. What should be an opportunity for leaders in the United States to encourage the Cuban people to embrace democracy and cast off the chains of one of the last Communist dictatorships left from the cold war instead showed us the true face of our Liberal leaders, they will support a murderous tyrant because he had socialized Healthcare or some other socialist garbage.

According to The Interamerican Commission for Human Rights of the Organization of American States some 30,000 Cubans were placed in working camps, yes, concentration camps. here are some of the reasons for you to be put into these camps by Castro:

  • Being homosexual
  • Refusing collectivism 
  • Refusing to “volunteer” for duties in the revolution 
  • Being clergy
  • Just pissing off Castro

So while the Left is trying to convince us that Trump is going to be an evil dictator, they are praising a man who was worse than the man they paint Trump to be. They are throwing their love behind a man who murdered and imprisoned people for their religion, beliefs, sexuality and just for being disagreeable, not to mention begging the Soviet Union to let him nuke America, yes, that happened. Why do they love Castro? Because he did what they wish they could, kill their enemies and for their will on the populace, too bad there’s that pesky constitution.


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