Official Statement on flag burning 

Hatespeech’s staff is comprised almost entirely of military veterans. The star spangled banner represents something far deeper to us than many civilians could understand, that’s not meant to be offensive, but understand what it is to have a piece of fabric not just designate an area of land, but an area where you’re safe, a symbol that the mission is over and you get to breathe one more day, and the blanket that will wrap us when our loved ones will finally lay us into the cold ground.

We have had friends make the ultimate sacrifice and watched as that flag was folded and handed to a grieving wife or mother with the words “on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation”. You do not understand what that flag, and the nation it represents means to us. We all took an oath to defend the constitution, and we have read that document to better protect it, part of that constitution is the freedom of speech and expression and at this time burning our flag is protected speech. Donald Trump also has the ability of sharing his opinion, and we are thankful for that, he speaks directly to.the people through social media which has made him remarkably transparent, that’s why we get to judge his ideas before they are put on paper.
The President-elect can say what he thinks should be the punishment for burning the flag, he knows that doesn’t make it law, he also knows that’s not how this nation works. He has given us the opportunity to talk about it though, something that has been missing in modern politics, discourse among the populace instead of behind closed doors and through press releases. We are thankful for the opportunity to evaluate these statements openly and honestly.
If you burn our flag you’re an asshole, you are disrespectful, and worst of all you are selfish for not understanding the opportunity this great nation provides. We will defend your right to burn that flag though it may be with tears in our eyes. In the words attributed to Voltaire “I don’t agree with what you say, but I will defend to.the death your right to say it”.


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