Progressive racism

I love that as Conservatives we get called racist about every five minutes. We have to sit through endless virtue signalling in television, movies, music, theater, and art so Progressives can pat themselves on the back and count up their virtue points and brag to their friends. The amount of value put on identity politics is directly apparent in the push to have Keith Ellison be the new chair of the DNC, he makes more virtue points for being black and Muslim, than he loses for being wildly anti-Semitic.

The recaps that I keep reading of post election always has to be prefaced with “White, working class voters” remember this, in two years this will be important. When vitriol is spewed throughout the Trump Presidency, especially when the next congressional election begins they are going to say “Trump supporters” and what they have already defined that as is “white, working class voters”. We have already discovered that the Left has no intention of addressing their epic failure not just in losing the oval office but having the least amount of power since 1920, instead they are going to blame people who voted for Trump.

If you want to know why all these “white, working class voters” went for Trump (though you leave out the 30% non-white voters) first you should review the fact that your ridiculous policies destroyed the economy and there are 9 million people without jobs. Second, it’s probably because you wanted the minority vote so bad you decided the easiest way to get that was to create a race war so you could then pretend to be the solution to the race war you created. This was the true Reichstag fire of this election.



  1. I find it odd that when trying numerous times to access your blog site my browser gets stuck in a loop and never loads the site. Also the “advertisement below your posting “A disqualifying and disgusting response by Trump on his twitter account to the KKK” come up… anyone believe in conspiracies?

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