They want your guns

Yesterday there was an attack on the campus of Ohio State University (OSU). What we know now is that a Somali refugee ran his vehicle off the road into a crowd and then exited the vehicle with a knife and started stabbing pedestrians. What I can say is that this is similar to the tactic used in Nice, France and one that has been encouraged by the Islamic State when referring to “lone wolf” attacks against the U.S.

The media and the left took some time off of praising and lamenting the death of the murderous thug Fidel Castro to weigh in on what was originally reported as an active shooter, because that is now the media’s go-to when it comes to assaults in gun free zones, they see the read meat and open the liberal play book to the talking points about gun violence and climb to their tower of moral superiority and virtue signal about “sensible gun laws”. Luckily in this case the attacker left no graves for the Left to stand on while lecturing us about clinging to our bibles and guns:


These statements were prepared and ready to continue the assault against the second amendment, something I know will only become more and more loud due to Donald Trump being the President of the United States in January (I know it’s unnecessary to state this, but I like triggering snowflakes). It’s extremely pathetic to see the Left build a narrative about #fakenews yet they will jump all over a news story and screetch about gun violence even though there were contradictory reports as to whether or not the assailant had a gun. It would be interesting to interview Leftists and Progressives to see how many of them even know that this guy had a knife instead.

Let’s not forget one very important point that will get buried in these stories. This was a Somali refugee who committed an act of terrorism most likely inspired by our enemies abroad, that exact thing you called us all Islamaphobic for warning you about.


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