Please stop twisting everything to fit your bullshit

This is one of those memes we all have to deal with every holiday season, as if progressives don’t make the holidays hard enough with their drivel. When they’re not revising history to try and make everyone feel guilty during Thanksgiving, they’re trying to make you feel greedy for buying gifts for people, or claiming Christianity was some awful murderous culture while simultaneously support Islam somehow.

The reality of this meme is:

Jewish family

Citizens of the state going to pay their taxes

Hotels were booked because it’s tax season, Inn keeper offered his barn because he knew how busy Bethlehem was.

Stop painting an unrealistic picture of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, a lot of this region hasn’t changed much, the barn and the hotel probably weren’t all that different, and it was also warm and common for families to sleep outdoors so get over yourself.

The story of Christmas is about charity and giving, not about twisting, lying, and guilt to earn virtue points.


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