Is Hillary Clinton black?

Since 1972 every Presidential campaign, to include those from the primaries, meet up at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government post election to discuss and create a historical record of campaigns. Since Hillary Clinton’s campaign was there it should be defined closer to a hysterical record. Still unwilling to accept not only their loss of the Presidency, but the further reduction of power to the Democratic party they resorted to the only talking point that her campaign ever released “Donald Trump is evil incarnate”.

As the meeting kicked off, Kelyanne Conway (first woman to successfully run a Presidential campaign) praised the leadership of the Trump campaign’s CEO Steve Bannon to which Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri began to malign Bannon because she’s so deep in the narrative that Bannon is somehow racist and antisemetic she fully believes it, making statements such as:

“If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am proud to have lost,” she said. “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.”

There you have it folks, Donald Trump won because America is racist, somehow the Left is so completely up their own asses with their narrative that it’s racist to not vote for a white woman. Even when Kellyanne Conway tried to defend herself by asking for proof that she created a platform for white supremacy Palmeri emotionally pleaded

“You did Kellyanne. You did”

It happened that way because we said it happened that way.

The tone deafness and lack of self-awareness in the Clinton campaign continued much like her Presidential campaign did, claim Clinton as God-queen, blame Trump and now the American people for not recognizing the God-queen. The Trump campaign was met with other great social justice unverifiable comments such as “There were dog whistles ssent out to people” as stated by Joel Benson, Clinton’s chief strategist. For those who don’t know, dog whistles are code sent out, a way to say things that seem benign but in reality are used to mobilize a nefarious group while still seeming socially acceptable, so the narrative is that Trump is some bond villain able to speak into a camera and invigorate some giant racist contingent of America to vote against a white person because of their white supremacy.

Even through the blistering and unsubstantiated attacks made at the Trump campaign Kellyanne asked “Will you ever accept the election results? Will you tell your protesters that he’s their President too?” Of course it doesn’t matter, they think they won somehow, or they believe that because they lost, America also lost. Their lack of acceptance that they made several mistakes, they need to accept that the email and foundation scandals aren’t “nothing” or “overrated” as well as accept that they were part of corruption that alienated an incredible amount of voters.

Even Jeff Weaver, Campaign manager for the Sanders campaign said “There was a large part of the Democratic primary electorate who had concerns about the secretary’s veracity and forthrightness”. It seems this seminar is about watching the Clinton campaign deny the truth and continue to shout inside their bubble, while the Democrat party loses more and more votes each year, and they continue to call Americans names for not wanting to vote for them.

Can someone please explain to me how not voting for Clinton is racist?


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