Back in October there were several pieces written throughout mainstream media about the term Lügenpresse. The articles claimed that the alt-right would use this to refer to mainstream media with an old term used in Nazi Germany translated to “lying press”. This is interesting because there was extreme anger toward this charge being made by supporters of Donald Trump prior to the election, and the reporters went so far as to use this as evidence that the alt-right, and Donald Trump were anti-Semitic, though failing to note Trump’s daughter had converted to Judaism years ago.

The term Lügenpresse was coined by Reinhold Anton in 1914, used to refer to foreign press, it was their way of saying propaganda. With the rise of Hitler in Germany the charge was used against anything that was considered anti-German or anti-party. This became a method to divert the German people to relying on only “approved” party news sources, and stifling any media that was critical of the Nazi party. The ability of a dictatorship to capitalize on the media is a great method to keep power and ensure you control the narrative.

Now it is 2016, and we see main stream media and the Democratic party trying to push the narrative of #fakenews. They have built their own version of the Lügenpresse chant. Just by reading what they are considering fake news proves that their definition is anything that goes against the party, and anything that is critical of the party’s narrative. They attack sites like Breitbart and the Daily wire with incredible charges of falsehood, though it became evident that many making these accusations had never read any of these sites. We are now seeing the newest wave of Twitter and YouTube accounts being shut down for a myriad of charges or just brute force attacks by opponents mashing the “this post hurt my feelings” button on social media.

The left is in a panic and has been for the last month. They see their movement slipping away from them at the time that they thought they had the most control. They had pop-culture on lock down, television, music, film, and art were steady in their favor and the public consumed their narrative greedily. The plan failed, their identity politics were found to be disgusting and dishonest, they failed to stupefy America to the point that a 30 second emotional appeal devoid of fact or reason wasn’t enough to get people to vote the way they wanted. It was obvious that someone else was reaching these people, and that someone else needed to be destroyed, the press was to be firmly in the Democrats pocket as was evident in the Wikileaks emails and someone wasn’t playing the game.

What were to poor Democrats to do? They did what any other socialist dictatorship has done in the past, make people question facts and begin a narrative that anything disagreeable to the party was false so you could regain control of the media and continue your propaganda campaign in hopes that nobody would take the extra minute to put your movement against basic logic and see how fundamentally corrupt your ideals were. They needed to create a distraction, they call it #fakenews, their counterparts in Germany called it Lügenpresse.


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