Racist Democrats

Apparently for this most recent election and the subsequent cabinet picks coming into Washington the Left has decided that experience is their watchword when it comes to Washington. It’s impressive that they make this charge so shortly after screeching that nobody could question the experience of Barack Obama running for President back in 2008 though he had been a state senator for 8 years and was elected as junior senator for Illinois in 2005 only having served 743 days as Senator before running for the Presidency. Far be it from me to draw comparisons between being a Democrat in the state of Illinois and serving a total of 11 years in politics and having run a multi-billion dollar international corporation as chief executive, but one of these things is probably more valuable than the other. If you don’t like the Barack Obama example, how about Hillary Clinton, the first lady who became a senator in New York, once again, not hard, where she was absolutely a carpet bagger and was just sliding into a position she knew she could win and then served her obligatory one term as a Senator and then eyed a Presidential run.

When Progressives set the rules that you have to have “experience” to run for office, then they participate in sham Senate races, hold obligatory positions, are we really getting what we deserve out of these politicians, or are they just going through the motions until they can meet their own obligatory standards so they can convince everyone they are experienced enough for the Presidency? In 2008 neither Clinton, nor Obama had any real foreign policy experience, unless of course you want to count the foreign relations committee Obama was part of in the heat of his Presidential bid which of course he never actually served on since he was running for President, yet they all feel extremely qualified to judge the foreign policy experience of any cabinet pick or Donald Trump himself. What qualified Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? What experience was it she had that made her more qualified than anyone else except for losing a Presidential election? We have a lot of people who have lost elections to choose from, why Hillary Clinton?

The point is, all of this crying about experience is really them signaling that they support the machine and you should too. They don’t want any of these filthy outsiders ruining their elitist club. They have decided to spit on the real world qualifications of candidates in lieu of convincing Democrats to vote for a Democrat.

The most fantastic of these charges is against Dr. Ben Carson who was picked by Trump to be the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Carson was raised by a single mother in Detroit and became one of the world’s renowned neuro-surgeons, but is unqualified to run a bureaucratic socialist office like HUD? The current secretary of HUD was Mayor of San Antonio when he wasn’t following his mother around working with La Raza, a Mexican nationalist group that literally means “the race” you know, a supremacist movement, but that’s none of my business right?

Borrowing a tactic from the left, if you disagree with someone of color it must be because you’re racist, so obviously by their own metric the Left is racist. Granted, they actually have no good reason for criticizing Carson so I think there may be some validity to the charge, they hate Carson because he’s the wrong kind of black guy, he’s one of those free thinking black men and not one of the Democratic plantation black men. There is nothing the Democrats hate more than a freeman speaking for himself, it’s those kind of people that ruined the south for Democrats and they’ve never forgiven them


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