Hillary Didn’t Lose Because of Fake News

The mantra of fake news serves no other purpose than to obfuscate the true failures of Hillary Clinton and the Progressive agenda witnessed throughout the Presidential campaign. The suggestion that a hostile state’s propaganda was decisive in this election is intellectually dishonest, but also insulting to the American public. The very concept that the American people must have believed lies is childish, conspiratorial, and an outright denial of the failures of the Democratic party at large.

The truth is, we didn’t need to lie, or spread propaganda to defeat Hillary Clinton. The truth about Hillary Clinton was far more horrifying than anything Conservatives, or clickbait sites could have created. The Democrats championed a Secretary of State who left people to die at an embassy, and then lied to their loved ones about their deaths. Clinton mishandled classified information a violation of law that many military service members have been subjected to, most memorable being Gen. David Patreaus, who shared his schedule and information as a matter of very boring pillow talk with his lover. The Clinton foundation was fraught with scandal, and the Wikileaks emails revealed a party that held great contempt for the American people, and regularly peddled in their own propaganda campaigns and flat out lies about their opponents.

The Progressives have decided that it’s fair to decry legitimate news sites as fake news while spreading conspiracies about Russian agents hacking an election, or my personal favorite, that since 2000 Donald Trump has been being groomed as a Manchurian candidate to implement some type of Russian rule over the United States, which I find strange since Russia was a communist nation and still shares many of those views and that relates far closer to the Democrat party platform than any other. The false flag of fake news has done nothing but hide the fact that Democrats have the least amount of power they’ve had since the 1920’s and they can’t conceive how this could possibly be their fault, so they came up with the only thing that seems logical to ideologues, conspiracy. Their ideology, which is firmly rooted in them being the intelligencia of the country, demands unquestioning allegiance and opposes any discourse against their own ideas, they are tyrants in academia and fascists within the media.

Though I take solace in the fact that they are too disillusioned to figure out what is truly wrong with their movement, I fear for free speech venues on the internet becoming the main target for their epic failure tantrum. If nobody disagreed with them, then they’d be correct, right? We have already witnessed great movements toward destroying conservative ideas by labeling them hate speech, creating a specter out of a small online community they call the alt-right, and making sound like a prolific movement when the reality is that America is just sick and tired of identity politics, and the majority of the country is tired of being called racist.


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