Standing on The Graves of Syrians

For five years we have watched as Obama has drawn lines in the sand, called for military action in a “limited scope” and reiterated “no boots on ground”. Liberals and progressives have been somewhat torn on actions in Syria aside from “humanitarian assistance” the equivalent of handing someone a sandwich after their entire city has been leveled. I’m not saying that there is an easy answer to the war in Syria, but I can say that a half-assed policy that is more focused on keeping your poll numbers high than actually doing  anything is certainly not the answer.

But it’s ok. The Left has remained almost entirely silent, when they weren’t calling Republicans war hawks or making comments about the military industrial complex, about Syria. Today is a new day though, and Donald Trump is taking the Presidency so obviously the Left has to change gears from worshiping every decision Obama has made to building a narrative that Syria is all Trump’s fault even though he has had no involvement for the five years this conflict has been waged.

So now we are to be enraged over what has happened in Syria, the war that has lasted for 5 years under Obama, but yeah, Trump’s fault

This genocide belongs to Barack Obama. How dare you try to put this on the incoming President after you’ve remained silent. Either you demand action and full military force or you say it’s not our fight and accept you are not involved. You don’t get to be ambivalent until there’s a Republican in office to start decrying Syria.

So you all can go to hell. Let’s be honest, you care because you want to draw some conspiracy theory about Trump and Russia, and now you’re going to demand a something be done though you’ve remained silent this entire time and accepted the impotent response from Obama. But hey, maybe your morality was taking a nap the last five years. 


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