Do Not Forget This

It is 4PM Eastern time and I am listening to the Texas electoral college nominate replacement electors, some of which had to vacate their positions in the Texas electoral college due to taking political positions, something that is not allowed in the electoral college. Though, if you ever wanted to be entertained by how the Democrats like to play, Bill Clinton is an elector for New York state, but nobody wants to talk about that do they? What is more entertaining than anything, is the fact that we have already had three electors who have refused to vote for Hillary Clinton, which was buried in news stories that tried to mention faithless electors for Donald Trump (of which we haven’t seen any) but they were required to disclose that the electors who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton were either replaced, or forced by a judge to change their votes.

Remember that the narrative we heard was that Republicans were going to vote faithless, perhaps even in numbers that would snatch the Presidency from him. Let’s also no forget when a bunch of has been actors begged Republican electors to vote against Donald Trump, yet it would appear the truth has set some Democrats free. I wonder how they will spin this situation, or blame it on the Russians since that’s what Democrats do when they fail. As we see in this #fakenews article from Huffington Post, where they attempt to claim that electors voted against Donald Trump, though at this time none have, yet it would appear 7 electors have voted against Hillary Clinton.

We await the spin everyone.


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