The Left can’t read

Today is the day the electoral college votes for the Presidency. On the horizon could lie many different possibilities, only one of which is the correct answer. The electoral college was created to ensure the representation of every state in the vote for the Presidency, a method of ensuring that the President has to appeal to every state in the Union as oppose to only appealing to the metropolis. In fact, if you can do simple math you would see a reflection between the representatives to congress from the states and the amount of representatives to the electoral college, but this is apparently too hard to do for some of those in the main stream media.

Many on the Left have come out to tell the electors that it is their constitutional duty to vote against Donald Trump, that is when they’re not threatening them with their lives. Of course it’s always adorable to hear leftists talk about the constitution as if they don’t despise it, which I assure you they do until it’s convenient for them, or when they’re dog whistling for a musical because they’ve decided instead of completely demonizing all the founding fathers as racists, they choose ONE of the abolitionists and made the equivalent of “1776, the BET edition”. As the video we hosted on our rant a few days ago showed, we have a video of celebrities pleading with Republicans to not vote for Trump at the electoral college, thereby usurping the will of the people while simultaneously demanding a popular vote choose the President. My favorite, and the most showing quote was hearing “By the words of Alexander Hamilton himself!” This was the dog whistle I spoke of earlier, and it also shows that not one of these people actually read the Federalist.

Publius was the author of the Federalist, it has been determined that the three men involved in the writings for the Federalist were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Two of those men don’t have musicals that appeal directly to guilty white people and black lives matter activists, so I guess they don’t bear mention, but in reality it’s because none of these elitist morons know anything about the founders, or their documents, since they were too busy telling everyone how racist and awful they were. James Madison helped father the constitution they are demanding be held to and helped author the Federalist the love so dearly, but, he owned slaves and therefore his words mean nothing, and anyone associated with him is also an awful person so I guess you don’t get to win this argument by the metric you set years ago when you decided that everyone in modern day America must pay for the sins of the past, like a snowflake filled hunger games.

The reasoning of the Left is completely ridiculous. First of all Donald Trump did win the popular vote. He won the popular vote in every state where he gained electoral college votes. The election wasn’t stolen from anyone, the states all get a vote and their sovereignty is above all the most important aspect of this Union. Nobody seems to give a damn that Donald Trump won the popular vote in 30 states, yes 30! Also, since it’s been confirmed that Hillary Clinton’s “popular vote lead” is actually California, so apparently Leftists really want California to pick the President of the United States and to hell with the voice of the people.


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