Change We Can Believe In

Now that the failed attempt to usurp the popular vote and sovereignty of the states has been added to the ever growing list of failures for the Democrats we can start working on change we can believe in. Though I don’t hold any faith that the Democrat party will actually realize why they lost multiple elections over the past eight years, and if I’m being completely honest, I hope they don’t, I want to see them fail, but the American people need to realize what we have learned from this past year of campaigns, and demand that politicians who aren’t members of some elitist technocracy actually take the time to realize the worries and troubles of the people, instead of trying to tell us what our concerns “really are“. Yesterday may have served as a prime example of how tone deaf and dangerous the ignorance and flat out denial of the Democrat party is to America, all back dropped against their attempt to thwart the electoral college which ultimately ended in Hillary Clinton losing another election – Thank God!

First we saw the assassination of a Russian diplomat in Turkey by a Turkish police officer shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “Remember Aleppo”. This is how you damage relations by the way, not by posting something on twitter as the left has unsuccessfully tried to convince us will lead to World War III. The unstable situation in Syria has led to extremely high international tensions between nations that directly affect the United States’ interests abroad, and the limp wristed response from the Obama administration has done nothing to ease these very dangerous situations that have now become attempts to destabilize relations between Russia and Turkey.

In Germany a truck drove through a Christmas market injuring 48 and killing 12. This has become a popular tactic encouraged by ISIS as a way to create chaos with very little planning. Though the mains stream media likes using the term “lone wolf” there needs to be the acknowledgement that these people are being radicalized in an effort to create chaos soldiers capable of creating destruction with little direction, and minimal communication. There is still debate as to whether the Pakistani asylum seeker they have in custody is the correct person, it’s reasonable to suggest that the person who carried out this attack was a refugee or asylum seeker unleashed upon the German people by Angela Merkle’s weak policies on immigration, the same policies that we luckily avoided by not electing Hillary Clinton to office.







    1. Their inability to recognize that America has changed is ultimately going to be fatal. If they would stop assuming people who don’t toe their party line were stupid, they might actually be able to improve their position and have policies that truly matter to the people.

      1. I honestly think that Kaine was a choice that had been made far prior due to the fact that he willingly vacated the position as DNC chair to let Debbie Wasserman-Schultz take over so she could steer the party to anoint Clinton. As far as Hillary winning the popular vote, without her votes in California Trump would have a lead of 1.7 million votes, the reason why the electoral college exists is because California doesn’t get to be the only state in the Union that gets to choose the Presidency, you need to get the majority of states, of which Trump won 30 of the 50 states.

      2. Trump won using his successful career as businessman plus people are tired of career politicians. Maybe she won popular vote but come on we all know the rules before November about getting more electoral college votes matters more.

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