Gender Pay Gap Myth (again)

For the last few years we have heard the screech of feminists about the “gender pay gap”. Even the President made a statement about how terrible it was that women make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes, and it does sound horrible, unequal, and something you would think that in 2016 we would have grown past as a nation. The reason why this kind of news is so shocking? Because it was completely manufactured, and goes at the top of the #fakenews list with all of the other identity and class based propaganda given to us by the Left.

As has been stated several times by leading economists and anyone who spent more than the ten seconds it takes to read a Huffington post headline and then share it on Facebook while sipping a fair trade, gluten free, vegan latte looking around proudly to see if anyone saw your contribution to social justice, you would know that this is entirely false and is a great example of how the Left uses cultural Marxism to divide people into classes and make them easier to manipulate.The following is a list of what was not taken into account when they collected these numbers to sell this myth:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Overtime
  • Location
  • Anything

In fact, there was really only one metric they looked at to discover this “horrible discrepancy” in pay between men and women:

  • Gender

You are reading this correctly, their method to this was a simple equation:

Total Salary of Men divided by amount of Men = X

Total Salary of Women divided by amount of Women = Y

Reviewing this they saw that Y = -30%X they all hugged and high-fived because they could say “Women make 70% of what men do”, and with no further qualification this got echoed throughout the media and then became a talking point for Progressives everywhere to include Barack Obama. Is it fair to compare a gender studies major to a neurosurgeon? Yes comrade, in Soviet America no job is too big or too small! Yes, while trying to fight for “equality” they based their evidence entirely on gender, and nothing more.

Why am I writing about something that happened over a year ago? Because they’re fucking doing it again! This time, they think they can make a better case by being the very thing they hate – sexist as hell. At the Fake News headquarters commonly known as The Huffington Post they have written another wonderful piece void of reason, logic, or critical thought about how Female doctors have far better ratings as far as patient survival ratings, 30 day re admissions, and 30 day mortality rates, using these numbers HUffPo crows how female doctors are far better at caring for patients than male doctors yet they get paid less!

Like a logical person, I dove into the numbers, but first! Let’s play a game using the exact same metric presented for this, and many progressive arguments. I can make the statement, using their same metric, that you are more likely to die at the hands of  a black doctor, in fact, you have a 50/50 chance if your doctor is black!

How do I arrive at such an insane conclusion (or really, how do progressives arrive at stupid conclusions)?

  • Chance of death in a hospital according to the Center for Disease Control is 27% for those under 65.
  • African-Americans are only 4% of Doctors in the United States according to the American Medical Association

100 patients would be seen by 100 Doctors, 27 of them would die and statistically two of the four patients of the African-American doctors would die, therefore, 50% of patients under the care of an African-American doctor die. This is the fuzzy logic used by progressives to push their agenda, and as some of you may have realized if they did this using race it would be wholly condemned as racist, and should be. I’ll show you how Huffington Post did this for gender pay gap in medical care.

Specialties by gender according to the American Medical Association


  • Obstetrics/gynecology 85%
  • Pediatrics 75%
  • Psychiatry 57%
  • Family Medicine 58%


  • Radiology 73%
  • Anesthesiology 63%
  • Emergency Medicine 62%
  • Surgery 59%
  • Internal Medicine 54%

What can someone derive from these numbers if you’re rational? Men inhabit the areas of the medical community that result in death. Emergency medicine and internal medicine obviously covering accidents, violence, and disease. Women, inhabit a large share of preventative medicine like OB/GYN and Family practice, not only is there far less risk of losing a patient or having a re-admission (hence the great ratings) but also, due to the lower risk, the pay is more diverse because you are going to be setting up your own practice and have to market your service as oppose to working out of a hospital.

Once again the Left is selling fake news to further divide the country into haves and have-nots specifically to foment their anti-individual revolution in which they hope to install themselves at the top dictating to the masses what morality, righteousness, and rule of law is. The biggest problem with the progressive Left is they aren’t trying to become the Government, they are trying to become God. They don’t want to govern people, they want to rule them, and it starts by them changing the universe so they are always perceived on the top.




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