How is One a Hero and One a Villian?

How many more times are we going to hear the main stream media tell us that Donald Trump is in bed with Vladimir Putin and the Russians? The strings of yarn filling some journalists apartments must look like something out of a Sherlock Holmes story by now trying to come up with whatever tenuous link they can to convince the American people of this Manchurian candidate narrative they created. The part that they always skip is what actually happened, and why it may have had an effect.

The Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee and revealed corruption. From plants being put inside the Sanders campaign, money laundering to bypass finance laws, and of course paying people to protest Trump. That doesn’t make Russia a good country, nor does it absolve them of human rights violations, but I have to ask why the media demonizes this action, while also suggesting we pardon Edward Snowden? Edward Snowden’s leaks were not only damaging to national security, it was also blatant that he was feeding that intelligence to China and Russia, which is treason.

Russia has been made out to be evil by the media and the white house itself because they showed the American people that the Democrat party was corrupt and full of elitists. The American voters responded by electing Donald Trump to the white house and now the Democrats have to blame someone, because the other option would be actually fixing the corruption that has made so many of them very rich. The fact that they won’t acknowledge plainly evident corruption should be disturbing to EVERYONE and very telling that they have no intention to stop.

Somehow they will sell this idea that Edward Snowden is a hero for damaging national security and giving it to the Chinese and Russians, but Russia is of the highest evil for revealing that the DNC is corrupt and was in bed with all these news agencies from the start. If America doesn’t open it’s eyes, we will be within a step of fascism and the whole time the fascists will be blaming someone else.


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