The Left finally shows their cards

Drexel university in Pennsylvania has let us know they have a shining star as an associate professor for political science. George Ciccariello-Maher is what the progressive project would consider a complete success. He’s a self loathing white man who has blamed society for everything bad that ever happened to him. His defense over taking individual responsibility or rather actually doing anything about what he finds wrong in the world is to resort to racism.

As you observe this tweet was written by a white man, which makes it all the more ridiculous, and it’s not the only one of its kind. This man, an educator, has taken on the social dogma of the Nazi party, much like other progressives. The idea is to keep society complacent to your ideology’s failures by creating a demon, for the Germans it was the Jews, for Progressives it’s whites as a whole.

How else do you define a group that suggests that every plight upon the world, ever ill toward man is the responsibility of one group specifically based on their race? And the media is worried about what Trump says on twitter.


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