Time for some Truth Democrats

Now that the holidays are over and we are in the final stretch of 2016 it is now OK to take the gloves off and give the snowflakes out there a dose of reality that will most likely trigger them into years of therapy and anti-anxiety medication for their weak little hearts.I have routinely been told that we need to be “gracious” winners and that we need to allow those who supported Hillary Clinton to grieve, granted, such quarter was not given to anyone in 2008 or 2012, in fact it was the worst ever because the narrative was that anyone who stood against Obama was a racist. Well it’s payback time and the facts are on our side.

Obama’s Legacy of Failure:

Though the screeching over Donald Trump being President is somewhat cathartic, and the panic attacks do nothing but prove that most liberals are completely weak minded sheeple who don’t know what to do now that there isn’t anyone to tell them how to think in the oval office, Donald Trump’s victory was part of a trend and not a singular event. If there was something the Democrat party wanted to hide, it would be that they have set a record for least amount of state legislatures controlled by the Democrats in history. In fact, thanks to Obama they have lost over 900 state legislatures, 12 governors, and 13 senators since the beginning of his Presidency.

The reality is that Liberalism is in it’s final stages of death. People don’t want an activist Government that spends more time supporting ridiculous causes, or creating a fascist state, instead of taking care of their constituents. The nanny state that tried so hard to convince everyone it was the best option out there has taken the power the people gave it (ignorantly) and turned that into a bully pulpit to push a social agenda while the economy and our foreign policy crumbled.

What we are learning now is that the culture of disinformation from the left, and the campaign to keep people as ill-informed as possible has been successful for anyone who was dumb enough to vote for Clinton, since they think that Donald Trump being elected was some isolated incident as oppose to part of a larger movement away from the destructive progressive/liberal ideology. When you are part of a movement that can’t call Islamic terrorism islamic terrorism but you can call a boy a girl, you’ve got some huge problems. When protecting college students from sidewalk chalk was more important to you than the fact the over 9 million people don’t have jobs, you’re going to lose elections.

Heading into the inauguration we will cover many more examples of Obama’s failures, and those of the Democrat party at large. We need to have a record of the truth before the revisionist historians get a hold on the narrative and promote Obama to God king of America, best ever, number one!


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