Ending Obama care is the best thing for America

The rhetoric and fear tactics the Left are using, and will continue to use, to try and scare people into standing against repealing Obama care. It seems that they forget that a few years back nobody was dying in the street, nobody was being refused care (it’s illegal, but Democrats lied constantly about it), and the poor had Healthcare. They’ll spew the “millions” of people who were “given” health insurance, leaving out that legally requiring something and destroying the free market is a pretty easy way to force people to join.

Now that we had the time to “pass it to see what’s in it” as Nancy Pelosi so elegantly put it, we realized it’s garbage, premiums skyrocketed, care went down, and everyone got screwed. We now have a chance to do what should have been done in the first place, allow insurance to operate over state lines, increase competition, and allow people to choose what Healthcare fits their needs.

The entire purpose of Obama care was to create an unsustainable system that would fall apart, Democrats would blame Republicans and they’d say the only way to save it is single payer. Since we’ve witnessed the failures of these systems time and time again, and the reality of insurance premiums being expensive is because of the idiotic over regulation and crony capitalism because of the food and drug administration, I look forward to seeing America do what it does best, innovate and set the standard for the world to follow in Healthcare.


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