The hate crime that isn’t a hoax

This video (as long as it doesn’t get banned from YouTube for being real) depicts a group of four young blacks who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white kid. After kicking and punching him multiple times, the assailants can be heard saying “Fuck Donald Trump” and “Fuck white people”. The Liberal spin machine is already moving to try and distance these people from the black nationalist movements like Black Lives Matter, though they showed no attempt to even validate the stories of “hate crimes” they claim were committed in the name of Trump, though all have been proven to be hoaxes. They will bury this, that I can promise you.

While the mainstream media continues to try and scare people of a tweet from Trump, or making up more lies about Russian hacking or one of the cabinet picks, the reality is the toxic nation and insurgency that Obama created is now without direction and turning to abject violence. This type of behavior is owned completely by the Democrats and the Left. The scare tactics and doomsday rhetoric is going to cause these confused people to think they are in a race war, and their lives are in danger. This is the only true political capital the Left can make, they have to create a society where there are victims and oppressors, without that they can never achieve the dictatorship they want.

When people are self sufficient, and individuals they are difficult to control. With no need to control the population, you don’t really need a government. All of these things are fatal to the Progressive cause. Remember, these people (the left) don’t believe freedom is real, they believe it is a construct created through crippling governmental programs. This is the war they are trying to start, but it’s only a couple of weeks until we take America back, and the constitution will reign supreme again.


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