YouTube is absolutely lying for the Left

Last night we saw reports from alternative media about the kidnapping and assault of a mentally disabled white man in Chicago who was assaulted by four blacks while they screamed “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck white people”. The Chicago police has declined to say this attack was racially motivated, or politically for that matter. Thank goodness this wasn’t the opposite type of situation, if it were, the media would have to report it, the justice department would have their civil rights division out there, and we would be hearing about the “increase” in hate crimes in Trump’s America.

YouTube has diligently made sure to take the video down from every site they can stating that it “violates their bullying policy” you can say this if you check our article titled the hate crime that’s not a hoax. Let’s cut the bullshit, honestly, they took it down because it’s counter to their narrative that Republicans have been responsible for the hateful acts and the division of society. We have an abundance of evidence to the contrary to their narrative and they actively make sure to block it any way they can.

Does YouTube have a right as a private company to block whatever content they want? Yes, they do. As consumers, and myself as someone who regularly provides capital to that business, have a right to demand they stop using their political feelings and their progressive agenda to judge whether something should or should not be taken off their site. I have seen countless demands for the death to cops, white people, Trump, Republicans, and what have you, but since this one is counter to the hate crime America narrative that has been disproven time and time again, except for this one where there is absolute video evidence that it is still dangerous to be a Trump supporter in America, just like it was during the primaries.

Keep lying to the face of the American people progressives, keep trying to hide the truth. As long as we can we will expose the reality. It’s only a matter of time until Hatespeech will have to find a different platform other than YouTube because they will only tighten their grip and censor the truth more and more in the coming years. We will keep you updated throughout on where we will go, but the truth will always prevail. Welcome to the race war progressives always wanted.



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