Possibly The Dumbest Person in Politics

Nancy Pelosi has been the greatest example of her time on how to live by a narrative. She has run an entire political career by stating slogans and regurgitating quips rather than ever giving a reasoned argument, what’s impressive is when there is no fact behind what she says how she can still just babble the same droning BS narrative without flinching. This time she isn’t telling congress they have to vote on a bill to see what’s in it, which I’m actually fairly certain she thinks is how it works.

In her bumbling statement to the press regarding the Russian hacking investigation delivered by intelligence officials today, she decided to go after the only people in the nation who actually think she’s normal: The media. She also can’t seem to separate an election process and a political party because they are indeed, not the same thing. Though, at least she did admit to something even though she may not have realized it.

“You were accomplices in this. Every single day you reported there was an email that was embarrassing to the Clinton operation, without saying we know this because of a disruption by a foreign power of our election system. You knew that.”

What a terrific statement! It is terribly false though, you see, it’s not true at all. The Russians did hack the DNC, and it would appear that there is evidence they did use intermediaries to deliver John Podesta’s emails to WikiLeaks. Luckily since I have a conscience and don’t sell my soul I can easily say my opinion doesn’t change and I stand by my earlier statements. Nancy has now revealed something, they were the real emails of the DNC and John Podesta!! Those emails were true, everything in them were true, albeit illegally obtained, but ALL TRUE.

The Russians, though they are terrible people with awful human rights policies and antiquated communist ways, did reveal the corruption of the DNC and Clinton, for that we do owe them a debt. Did they change a single vote? According to intelligence officials, absolutely not! How did they affect the election? The showed us who the DNC and Clinton’s really were.

It is probably difficult to be a Democrat right now and admit that your candidate was completely awful. I’m sure they wish there was some Jason Bourne-esque conspiracy they could run with to try and make themselves sleep at night for abandoning all of their morals and probably killing their movement forever. Unfortunately they’ve decided to go into full psychosis and believe in the conspiracy, when the truth is right in front of their faces.


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