Elizabeth Warren Wants to Close HUD

During Dr. Ben Carson’s hearing for his nomination for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development he was met with berating questioning from Elizabeth Warren. Warren demanded that Dr. Carson guarantee that Donald Trump won’t make any money off deals that Dr. Carson with the (huge) housing budget. Dr. Carson obviously stated that he would operate with the utmost ethics (and I more certain he would than I am of most politicians), but that wasn’t the point, Elizabeth Warren was grandstanding for the sake of political theatre.

Criminals are always good at suspecting others of committing crime you see. Now I’m not suggesting that Warren having bought foreclosed houses and sold them keenly at the absolute right time for an over 300% increase was illegal, but it does smell of insider trading. You can judge her for that though, she stands against the very practices she used to get incredibly rich, and condemns Trump for doing the exact same thing. It’s probably different if you’re a Democrat.

The reason I say she wants to close HUD is because she (suddenly) has a fear of possible sweetheart deals being made from that position. Obviously since the last eight years have yielded nothing but sweetheart deals for anyone friendly to the administration, I suppose the only real option is to shut the whole thing down. Democrats have made complete asses of themselves this last week, and their surrogates in the media has made it even better.

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