Lap Dogs

It’s fairly common for conservatives to use the term “lap dog media” and other insults to refer to your larger, more liberal media outlets. In the last week we have witnessed what was always dismissed as blustering or flat out bitching by conservatives become validated. The conservative movement as a whole has breathed a huge sigh of relief because the world is realizing that we aren’t crazy, we aren’t hyperbolic, and there absolutely is a double standard in media.

After CNN released an article referencing a completely unverified memo, which was later posted by Buzzfeed, they began getting attacked from all sides. Some will say that CNN didn’t do anything wrong because they didn’t validate any claims in the memo, and even said it could not be verified, to that I ask one question: The why the hell did you publish it? The reality of it, if we are being honest with ourselves, CNN is trying to control the narrative and a 30 second soundbite about hookers peeing on the President-elect is worth more in political capital than any fallout that could come.

If I had any question in my mind as to whether CNN was completely servile to the Democratic Party (which I didn’t) it would have easily been confirmed that they are in their line-up that is broadcasting this weekend. First there is a puff piece about Michelle Obama, touting how she made history, another piece about the Obama legacy (which is being dismantled, thank God), and even little flourishes about his daughters. Combining these kiss ass pieces with the fact that nothing like this was ever evident for George W. Bush, it makes it rather apparent that CNN has made the funeral arrangements for “their America” you know, the one with the garbage economy, racial strife, and elitist policies.

Of course the media has a double standard, they haven’t been honest in decades. How dare they stand up and even defend taking a memo that reads like a tabloid and pretend we don’t see that they are doing everything in their power to destroy and malign the Presidency of Donald Trump. This is exactly why I have said, and will continue to say, the Left would burn America to the ground before they accepted their ideology is the problem.


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