Murder on The Rise? Punish The Cops!!

Has anybody else noticed the sudden retaliation tactics being used by the outgoing administration? Is this Obama’s method of securing his legacy? First we see that Chrysler discusses a deal with President-elect Trump, only to get investigated for emissions standards, now we have Chicago, which has record high murders and violence, the innocent are preyed on by the violent and malicious and what does Obama’s DOJ do? They go after the police.

I’m not surprised that someone like Obama would side more with criminal gangs in Chicago, hell they helped him get elected. This is the problem when you work solely off identity politics. Obama absolutely thinks that all the crime in Chicago is white people’s fault, in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if in his heart of hearts he doesn’t care that everyone is leaving Chicago because he probably thinks it never really belonged to them anyway. Once again the left, who continually claim they are there for the little guy will let innocent blood be shed because they can’t bring themselves in a post Black lives matter America to seem like they support law enforcement.

812 people died in Chicago in 2016. Gun deaths in Chicago are rarely reported because they are illegally obtained weapons and that doesn’t fair well for the anti-second amendment argument. The current mayor was an Obama advisor and crony, which should be the first indication that it wouldn’t go well, he’s probably too busy covering up his scandals to actually fix anything in Chicago.

We are once again given the prime example why Democrats and Liberals shouldn’t be in charge of anything, look at the “deep blue” cities around America. Gangs, drugs, violence, rape, racism, poverty, these are the plagues that follow the Democratic Party, these issues need to exist for the Democrats to have anything to complain about. If the Left allowed true freedom and liberty they wouldn’t have anyone’s grave to stand on while they beat us over the head with their twisted morality.


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