Atlanta does actually suck, and Lewis is to blame

Since everyone wants to make a big deal over a house representative accusing the President-elect of committing treason (which saying you conspired with a hostile nation to win the election would be) and Trump actually defending himself (How dare he! Racist!) I’m going to explain John Lewis in a series of pictures, unfortunately no amount of editing will get rid of his bloated face. John Lewis is the perfect example of why the Democrats need race to be an issue, if the reality that most people don’t care about the color of someones skin (unless you’re a democrat) than he would lose his relevancy since civil rights have been the only contribution the man has ever made. Having actually lived in Georgia, I’m going to tell you the honest truth, Atlanta is a shit hole, absolutely, but so is every other city entrenched by Democrats, seriously, you can tell which party runs a city by the crackhead to employed person ratio. so Lewis, in his decades of representation has turned Atlanta into a dependent welfare capital, shock!


Lewis as part of the gun control sit in, the one that they had catered and made sure they’re social media feeds were on fire with pictures, because it was a stunt.


Maybe instead of trying to destroy the rights of law abiding citizens you actually worry about the non-law abiding citizens in your district. But of course, he hates police, and it’s probably white people’s fault.


He will also tell you that Black lives matter, they just don’t in his district because they’ll vote for him anyway! At least his city is top 10 in something!




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