Democrats are Racist

Anybody who doesn’t eat their daily dose of Leftist denial for breakfast every morning knows that the Democratic Party is obsessed with race. The core of Liberal principles is to put everyone in their nicely labeled space and to ensure that above all other things, the color of their skin or ethnic origin is the most important aspect of this person. It is an easy transition to make from being the Democratic slave owners, segregationists, and pro-eugenics supporters of the past to race baiters, social justice warriors, and abortion fanatics of modern day.

The truth is, the Democrats can’t see beyond race, it’s impossible. What used to be their arrogance in thinking that western Europeans were genetically superior has now turned into a feigned concern for minorities, they’ve just changed the words from “Those savages need Jesus” to “We need to save minority children in public schools’ but if we are being honest, it’s the same thing with a prettier language. Much like the slave owners of their past they can’t comprehend how these poor blacks could possibly make it without charitable whites giving them a house to live in and a meal to eat for the simple repayment of putting in some effort in a field.

Of course today we are supposed to be recognizing men for the content of their character and not the color of their skin, as was stated by Martin Luther King J.R. who I’m certainly would not have supported the Democratic party his two senators voted against the civil rights act of 1957 and their entire representation of the house also voted against it in 1964, let’s be realistic, MLK WAS NOT A DEMOCRAT! The Democratic party tries to whitewash the whole situation but you can’t honestly look at the voting record of Democrats, especially in Georgia and Alabama and say that MLK was about those people.

Of course knowing that Democrats are going to make some irrational claim that their party has somehow magically turned a complete 180 degrees from it’s original ideology yet is still based in Progressivism. Even the front runner for the DNC chair is wildly racist, supporting a segregated black only nation, not to mention supporting the Nation of Islam which believes that whites were created by a black scientist named Yakub who made them to be a “race of devils”. Let’s not forget that the whole idea behind Ellison and honestly the modus operandi of the Democrats is that they can only see race, whether it’s complaining about Trump’s cabinet picks being white, or saying that the next DNC chair MUST be black.

Democrats are racist. They have a strong history of racism, and if you take five minutes and review the ideals of Progressivism and it’s ultimate result, Communism, they will continue to be racist. The reasons the Democrats have been losing is because people have had enough of their virtue signalling and hypocrisy. It’s 2017, we judge people on their abilities as individuals, we have no need for a group that wants everyone lumped in together just because of their race.


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