CNN – The American Jihad

The main stream media has been in rare form since the election in November. We saw everything from stories about celebrities calling it the end of the world, fake news stories all over whether they were about hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes or CNN and Buzzfeed sharing a poorly written opposition research assessment claiming Trump is a Russian operative who likes golden showers. The overall message was obvious. The media championed Hillary Clinton and when she lost they threw a fit because the election wasn’t just a referendum on the rejection of the Democratic Party and all their corruption, but also, it proved that the media that has been very comfortable for decades is no longer the trusted source of information (propaganda) they thought they were.

I thought I could no longer be surprised after CNN speculated on that memo. I am still convinced that they were fully aware that Buzzfeed would share the information since it’s not common to run a news report that summarizes to “Somewhere, something bad about Trump exists. We can’t say what, we can’t say where, but it’s bad”. We all know that they have kicked their propaganda machine into high gear and have spent the remaining time before the inauguration slandering Trump at every turn, and attacking every person who even looked at the Republican party.

CNN has taken the cake with their pre-election story Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval office. This piece explains how and when Donald Trump would need to be taken out to keep the Obama administration in power. It covers the idea of the designated survivor, a cabinet member who is appointed in case a disaster happens that removes the line of succession for the white house. The reality is though, they just need someone to take out Trump.

I don’t know how anyone could see this as anything else besides signaling that there is still hope, if only some hero would take out Trump we could at least have more Obama. They ran this amid puff pieces about Michelle Obama’s style and the final days of Obama. When in the last eight years would any media outlet be allowed to speculate on such an event without being accused of racism?

I watch the inauguration today with some anxiety. I have seen extreme signaling from Liberals that I can only equate to trying to start an insurgency. I don’t mean a grass roots movement like the Tea Party in 2008, I mean they are trying to convince someone, anyone to try and take out Trump. These people are the great example of how corrupt the Left is.

So besides flat out lying to the American people with false polls, false stories of racism, and false stories about how every voter for Donald Trump is actually an undercover KGB operative. They are now giving someone the road map on how to end what they have drummed up as the end of the world. They may as well have been weeping on air while sobbing “if only some hero, some great warrior could save us from destruction”.

Welcome to the next phase in Liberal journalism. The American Jihad.


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