Say Good-bye to Free Speech

Donald Trump has tapped Ajin Pai to head the FCC. Pai is known for standing strongly against net neutrality. The Left, the supposed pro free speech and anti monopoly left had a hissy fit.

Opposition is good for government, but just as you can have a too complacent and agreeable political class (see last eight years) you can also have an oppositional class that is just as tyrannical. Democrats in the two days Trump has been President have signaled that they will be contrarian throughout his administration and therefore would rather see Americans lose any chance at success than possibly side with Republicans, and no, that did not happen during Obama’s tenure. This opposition has boiled over into something very scary in the opposition to Paint, net neutrality is an awful idea and the “good” they claim it does is a complete lie.

The FCC has its grubby hands on everything and you can see what their tangled beurocracy looks like every day. Let me ask you this, how many cable providers can you choose from in your hometown of you want HBO? Welcome to net neutrality. How about electric service or water? Do those prices go down, or get better because the competitive market and all the choices you have? Welcome to net neutrality. When was the last time you thought “man, the DMV and post office are fantastic and I’m so glad they’re easy to navigate and have so many options”? Welcome to net neutrality.

The free market which has made the internet the powerhouse that it is has done just fine in creating innovation and competition, and this garbage idea that somehow more government involvement would give you so many more option is flat out false, where has that ever happened? Look at China or Russia and tell me how great their government has been for free speech on the internet. The Government will be authorized to monitor Internet traffic, and don’t think that they won’t take censorship authority just as they do in television and radio you’re out of your mind.

You may ask yourself why would the Democrats support such legislation? I would start at the fact that they would support it just to be contrary to Trump, but they’ve loved this long before him. The reality is that the DNC gets money from large telecoms who already lobby for contracts. Instead of Comcast being a shitty private company, they’ll be a shitty company with full federal support and no reason or expectation of turning a profit. If you support net neutrality than you can’t support free speech, those two things can not go together.


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