CNN Just Gave Russia The Greatest Gift

Friday afternoon CNN had a special report titled “US Investigators corroborate some aspects of Russian dossier”. This is the dossier that was reported by CNN as to it’s existence and then released by Buzzfeed. It is full of salacious allegations against President Trump, but also, it was entirely reported with no verification. Now they release a report that doesn’t say anything at all aside from Russians talked to Russians and US intelligence knows about it.

The problem is CNN really needs to have this dossier be real, their entire credibility is at stake. It’s been obvious from the start that they will do anything to destroy Trump, they are so incredibly beside themselves that he won the Presidency and now with egg on their face they are willing to do anything they can to destroy everything counter to their wishes. This includes giving Russia the greatest gift they could ever have.

In this report that says nothing aside from a great thirty second headline that progressives can spread around social media, CNN has compromised intelligence sources, and quite possibly got people killed. The greatest aspect of intelligence is it’s source, how you get your information. That dossier contained names of Russian officials and other agents and CNN just broadcast to the world, including Russia, that U.S. intelligence assets can confirm that some of these people are sources which means that every one of those agents is now blacked out. Russia is most likely cutting off all communications and possibly looking for a leak and plugging it if you get my drift.

The Left has continually said that Putin is a terrible and viscous dictator. Why in the world would you take away any advantage that the United States has in being able predict their moves and their intentions abroad? It is more important to them to try and impugn Trump even when they had to admit that nothing they had confirmed any of the statements about Trump in the dossier, it was still more important to keep the narrative going without any proof, but the truth has never been as important as vengeance for those damn American people not voting how they were told.


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