The Liberal Tea Party

Many Liberals want to consider the protests that are happening these days are an echo back to the tea party movement that conservatives and libertarians had in the early days of the Obama administration. I feel this is an attempt to try cast a moral shroud over what is obviously a violent fascist movement that calls for the assault on dissenting opinions and even the assassination of the President. There is no moral equivalency between what is happening with the left today and the tea party.

The tea party was a diverse group of people throughout the United States. The Tea party in California and the Tea party in Nebraska were very different, but had basic fundamentals built on conservatism and individual freedom. Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans would meet together and sometimes the discourse would get heated, but they echoed the early founding of our country.

These protests now have already resembled every movement the Democrat movement has already been co-opted by lobbyists, special interests, and globalists. George Soros has funded the majority of these protests, oddly the same ones that are graced by Anti-Fa. These aren’t groups of people gathering and deciding what they want from their country and discussing how they feel they have been disenfranchised by the government. These protests are a herd led by the DNC itself and are nothing more than a group of butthurt crybabies who wanted a corrupt politician and now their willing to destroy the Republic in a tantrum of pathetic obedience to billionaires and millionaires who didn’t get the candidate they paid for.



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