The Fourth Estate is Crumbling

The fourth estate is a term that has been around for centuries. Commonly it refers to a body that is represented in politics but doesn’t fall into the standard other groups (or estates) of Clergy, Nobility, and Commoners. The fourth estate these days is the Press, or rather, the news media which as we know it by it’s conventional appearance is now dead.

Yesterday President Donald Trump gave what will be one of the most interesting and jaw dropping press conferences in history. On live television the President addressed the elephants in the room that the main stream media has been reporting on for weeks now in his Presidency, but never seem to actually cite any real sources. Whether it was Russian influence in his administration, questioning the ethics of literally everyone in his cabinet, or even flat out suggesting the President himself (who has a Jewish daughter) is an anti-Semite.

The media was forced at that time to either stand up and discuss the stories that they’ve written. Stories which have been laden with innuendo and conveniently always use the conspiracy of third person plural to prove their stories. In an age where “some people”, “Top officials”, and “sources in the administration” have become the apostles of conspiracy and malice we should all take a moment to evaluate where this information could be coming from.

The main stream media has been losing power for years, but I believe for a short time they thought they got it back especially with Hillary Clinton coming into the White house, the Clintons have always been known to use the press as a political tool far better than Obama whose administration has been one of the least transparent in history. Much to their dismay, Donald Trump won the Presidency and they are now standing with egg on their face because he proved once and for all that the large networks are no longer a source of trust, rather, the American people saw through the ruse and their bias was evident.

The fourth estate has crumbled. The public was already weary of the media prior to this election but after the flurry of fake articles about hate crimes, obvious trolling, or even just your standard jump to conclusions they no longer have any credibility, but damn are they trying to take the world down with them. As if it wasn’t already bad enough with the shamed celebrities seeing swastikas in construction markings and openly asking for the assassination of the President.

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