Obama PAC buses in protestors to harass town hall meetings

I know this comes as no shock to anyone involved here, but Obama has reverted back to the only thing he did prior to becoming President, community agitation (but progressives say Trump wasn’t qualified). Obama’s former grassroots movement Organizing for Action has been re-tooled in what looks like a national level group whose soul purpose is saving Obama’s legacy. They are gearing up this week to bring in protestors from all over the country to sit in on town hall meetings being held by congressional Republicans within their districts to discuss the new President’s path forward in regards to policies.

Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was one of the first victims of these crybabies when he attempted to hold a town hall meeting on February 9th where he was met with loud boos inside the venue and hundreds protesting outside the venue, there is only one glaring issue with the entire situation here – Jason Chaffetz holds 70% support in his dominantly Republican held congressional district, which means these are people bused in from out of town to come in and not only harass congressional leaders, but also silence the voice of those they serve.

Several Democrats have already voiced their concerns over Organizing for Action. They appear tot be a well financed national level network that doesn’t feel a need to discuss any of their organizing with local party officials. They have been known to appear in Democrat districts, hold protests and press conferences with no indication to the local DNC and co-opt their people and their resources. What this should say to most people is that this “grassroots” movement doesn’t care about anything at the local level, the things directly affecting the people, rather, they are focused only on securing Obama’s narrative and pushing for larger federal control, better know as #whyyoulost.

Organizing for Action has partnered with the Soros backed (shock!) Indivisible, which has published a guide on how you should protest these town halls. The tactics include:

  • Sitting in pairs and not in a group to give the impression that more of the room feels the same way as you.
  • Be quiet when you come in so you don’t give any indications, but then loud and disruptive.
  • Use the prescribed questions and talking points to keep the conversation in your direction.
  • Take video so you can deliver it to OFA or Indivisible so they can distribute to media outlets and post on social media (making it look like Americans as a whole are rallying against Republicans).

Once again we are faced with a propaganda campaign set up by Obama. Do not let your friends on social media share posts this week pretending that this is some sort of national voice being spoken and this by any measure represents the true voice of the people. These are interlopers from outside the districts these congressmen represent who are sent there to not only get a photo op and continue some “majority of Americans hate Trump” narrative, but they are also there to silence the true concerns of the constituents these people represent. If there was anything more defining as to why Obama was a terrible person, and why he is responsible for the Democrats losing a thousand seats across the country it is exactly this.

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