He Will Not Divide Us

I’ll admit that I’m a little late to the party on this, but one of our Wrongthink staff showed me the Shia Labouf live stream which looks like a vegan cult standing in a back parking lot, wearing designer clothes made to resemble middle America but most of middle America doesn’t wear  $500 hipster frames and drink  $8 lattes constsntly. This group of cry babies have decided the most effective protest is to set up a camera and chant “he will not divide us” in a creepy Jonestown-esque mantra, because nothing says unity like the inane whining of California elites against the President who won 30 of the 50 states in the country, mainly the states who contain the working class these posh liberals swear the protect.

What the hell does “he will not divide us” even mean? I’m not asking Liberals to rally behind Trump, but with statements like “punch a nazi”, calling every Trump voter a racist, and standing against LITERALLY everything he says or does I don’t know how you can possibly consider him being the arbiter of division.

The true worry they have is that the obvious rebuke of liberalism across America. They aren’t worried about Trump dividing America, they know that if Trump is even moderately successful, grows the economy, expands jobs, and defeats ISIS it will be the nail in American liberalism’s coffin and definitive proof that Democrat policies have been the problem the whole time.


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