Obama’s Police State

I am nothing short of amazed at the responses coming from the Left in regards to Devin Nunes’ press conference. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Scarborough both said he should be removed from the Intelligence committee, and Rep. Schiff is infuriated that he didn’t get informed first. What did Devin Nunes actually do?

He revealed that there has been collection on members of the Trump transition team though he does state it was through incidental collection. Incidental collection is what you get because you’re targeting someone else, but he did state that it wasn’t in relation to Russia. There are problems with this statement, mostly because if it didn’t have to do with Russia what did it have to do with?

You can not disseminate U.S person information just because, in fact, you have to get permission from the Department of Justice before you can even unmask it. Somewhere down the line someone disseminated information about individuals who as far as we’ve been told are not subjects of investigations and had no intelligence value. This can be nothing short of malicious intent.

It is my solid belief that the administration was attempting to collect something to compromise Trump and it blew up in their face and now they’re trying to create a narrative to legitimize what is Obama’s police state.

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