Truth is Illegal in Canada 

Canada just passed a law that makes “Islamaphobia” illegal. Most progressive societies have agreed that hating someone based off their race or their religion is counter productive to society remaining peaceful, and I generally tend to agree. To properly examine this legislation, we have to understand their definition of Islamaphobia, because it is in fact not the true definition.
We dealt with one of the most traumatic events in our history following September 11th and if you’re objective you can say that the backlash on the Islamic community was truly minimal. Islam was a rare and strange religion to most people in the US and they were really a severe minority in our communities. The most prevalent focus that was made on Islam is when people realized how archaic and barbaric the practice of the religion was in modern times, those criticisms began being called Islamaphobia.
The fact that feminists will not stand up against Islam, the fact that gays will not stand up against Islam, and the fact that the Jews (who vote en masse Democrat in the US) will not stand up against Islam is a travesty and proof that they will absolutely forego their principles rather than suffer one of their hollow labels.
Islam’s sins have become an issue on the right, a conservative issue. This legislation is an anti-conservative legislation. The liberals in Canada know that the populace want to rally against Islam and it’s reign of subjugation and terror, the want candidates who will do the same. They want Donald Trump and Marine LePenn.
The Left is making it impossible for people to speak truth about a terrible religion and that should be proof that the Left no longer cares about people, they only care about winning.
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