Immigration is More Important Than Rape

On March 16th at 9am a 14 year old girl at Rockville high school in Rockville, MD was talking to Jose Montano, a 17 year old who was placed in Rockville high school as a Freshman after he arrived in the United States illegally from South America. Montano propositioned the girl for sex and was denied multiple times before he forced her into a bathroom stall where Sanchez Millian, an 18 year old also enrolled as a Freshman after arriving last year illegally, was waiting. The two proceeded to brutally rape the 14 year old girl and committed several acts of sexual assault as well according to a police affidavit.

Court papers that were filed Monday state that both Montano and Millian have claimed that the 14 year old girl sent them text messages and illicit photos asking them for sex. The defense attorneys for the two have claimed that this was a consensual act. This situation has made it onto national news and spurred protests throughout Maryland. This entire situation has brought an interesting turn of events to light because it wedges itself between two pillars of the social justice and progressive talking points – Protecting illegal immigrants and believing sexual assault victims.

Where are the feminists? Where are the guardians of rape and assault victims? Where are the celebrities, hashtags, outraged interviews, and screams about “rape culture”?

The left is silent because it can’t decide which victim class it needs to protect more. Right now illegal immigrants are the “in” thing because of the travel ban and all this talk about Trump’s wall, and to tell the truth, the girl was probably white. So here a 14 year old girl has been brutalized by illegal immigrants who were not only allowed to wander into the United States and even let go by ICE, but also given a full education among other benefits I’m sure.

We’ve seen widespread condemnation over mattress girl, which was fake, Duke Lacrosse, which was fake, Lena Dunham, which was fake, but when a young girl is brutalized and the excuse that is presented is she sent a dirty text message the Left has decided to turn a blind eye, especially when your defense is that she agreed to a threesome in a bathroom stall. This is why the Left lost and why they will continue to lose. They abandon whomever they claim to support whenever it becomes inconvenient.

In case you recognize Rockville, it’s because just after the election they held a protest march out of one of the high schools and a 15 year old boy was assaulted for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Apparently these Leftists really have a thing for assaulting children in the name of progress.

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