Looks Like They Spied on Trump

While the main stream media bends over backwards in a pathetic attempt to save Obama’s legacy it appears more and more that the National Security resources of the United States were used to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s campaign and his transition into the Presidency. Before I became a broadcaster I worked in the Intelligence community for a decade, this is something that I am not only expertly familiar with, but also, I take seriously because it is. CNN and MSNBC are attempting to frame this entire argument around the fact that “unmasking” the identities of U.S. Persons is not illegal, which is as true as saying police can come into your home and search for drugs, they both require probable cause and a from what is being reported today that does not seem to be the case, let me explain.

Legalities in intelligence are usually not violated in collection, it’s nearly impossible to attempt to regulate the collection of information from any source. When you analyze and certainly when you disseminate is when the ethics of intelligence become paramount. According to The Daily Caller Susan Rice requested a spreadsheet be compiled showing communications with Trump associates within this request she wanted the names of the individuals to be unmasked, meaning that the product she requested would have the identities of Trump associates, this only happens if absolutely necessary and the unfortunate side effect of her position is she doesn’t need to request approval from anyone to make that request.

Just because she can request the identities and content of communications doesn’t make it legal, moral, or ethical. According to Joe DiGenova, a former U.S. attorney, there were no illegal activities in the intercepted communications and multiple reports suggest that they didn’t even have anything to do with the investigation into connections between Trump and Russia. This also brings up another interesting questions, when the story of spying on Trump first broke in early March we heard mention of an attempt by the Obama Justice Department trying to get a FISA warrant that was turned down, yet the FBI claimed in a New York Times article on October 31st that after an exhaustive investigation they didn’t find any connections to Trump or Russia.

For Susan Rice to even have a hand in anything having to do with collection on Trump suggests that the Obama administration did in fact submit and was approved for a National security FISA warrant. For the Obama administration to run a national security investigation while the FBI was already investigating the situation is suggestive that the Obama administration was using the witch hunt of Russian connections as a method to conduct surveillance on the Trump team and also to release just enough information through the complicit press to create the innuendo of guilt. We as Americans have to ask ourselves, regardless of party affiliation, whether or not we are ok with the Presidency having the power to use intelligence resources against their political foes, it’s a great time to have the conversations because when the fake news media attempts to defend Obama for what his administration did, they are by proxy granting the same type of authorities to the Trump administration so it’s up to us, the American citizens to demand punishment for this action to ensure NOBODY can conduct this type of behavior.

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