Evergreen College Introduces the Klan With a Tan

I read news stories every day, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and consume politics and culture to an extreme amount. I do this to understand the world around me and ensure that I will have the most profound effect when I research and attempt to analyze a situation so I can identify the several contributing factors. Rarely am I more than annoyed by the actions of the Left, and yes, I truly believe they are engaging in cultural Marxism, I just don’t think that my audience cares much for the “how” aspect as much as they do the “what can we do about it”. This weekend, particularly last night and this morning have changed because I the leaked video from Evergreen State College has shown the true face of the racial movement we are seeing in the United States, I say this with no hyperbole intended, this is black supremacy, this is a cancer, this ideology will lead to a race war and violence.

Students at The Evergreen State College in Washington were holding a “Day of absence day of presence” where they demanded that all the white students and faculty be absent while the students of color be present. The issues arose when a professor (who supports Bernie Sanders by the way) stood against this blatant racism resulting in a lot of anger from the students. The video below was leaked of activities during and following the students’ black supremacy rally.

Here is the whole video and I will break down some of the statements and arguments made:

“Whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”

I have no idea how whiteness is a system, I guess these students have been indoctrinated into believing that there is this large white contingent and we all meet one night a week to discuss how we are going to progress our “privilege”. I would ask them to give me an example of how whiteness is a system, but their response would be “I don’t have to answer a question from a white male” because that’s how you react when you’re morally and intellectually bankrupt.

“I’m tellin’ you, you’re speakin’ to your ancestor, all right? We been here before you. We built these cities, we had civilization way before you ever had … comin’ out your caves.”


Of course, of course you believe this. You probably even try to refute when someone says that this bears absolutely no historical, anthropological, archaeological, or genetic fact by saying “These studies were done by white people so I don’t have to recognize their results” because we are all invested in pushing some hidden white agenda to cover up these great black cities that nobody has ever seen and the civilizations of which there are no records. This is what history looks like folks:

Approximately 12,000 BCE we saw the Natufian culture develop into what would be known as a sedentary culture, meaning that they were no longer nomadic and they began to create urban areas where generations would continue to live. They settled in the area known as the Levant, or as the Arab’s refer to it Balad Al-Sham “The peoples region” this comprises Syria, Lebanon, Northern Iraq. At about 10,000 BCE the Natufian’s developed agriculture and this lead to them building the first proto-urban settlements of Memphis and Uruk in the 31st century BCE.

The area of ancient Egypt, the only potential civilization these students could possibly be referring to did not become sedentary, and therefore create anything mimicking a city until approximately 5,500 BCE when the climate of North Africa became desiccated and forced the people to settle around the Nile riverbed, though, intermingling due to the strategic location of the Nile river and the likely travel patterns of the descendants of the Natufian wanting to stay close to water would suggest their expansion would have gone along the Mediterranean sea and this is also evidenced by the fact that the mummy of Ramesses II has red hair, and DNA samples from Tutankhamun conducted by iGENEA in 2011 showed his haplogroup as R1b1a2 which is the most common paternal clade among males in Western Europe and most likely originated in Eastern Asia, or in other words, also not Africa.

As with any other incidents of manufactured outrage that students create specifically to push an agenda of segregation and black supremacy the students of Evergreen submitted a list of demands that seem to follow the same structure as other colleges and include stipulations such as: Disarming of campus police, Created centers only for students of color, the firing of administrators for not taking screeching racists seriously, and demand of a “democratic” process to create a code of conduct, most likely where peoples votes will be weighted based on their skin color… something like 3/5 for those they don’t like.

I can’t help but look at these behaviors and not be reminded of history classes that addressed the actions of the Nazi party in the 1930’s with their proposals about the “Jewish question”. First they blocked businesses of undesirables (Jews), burned books by undesirable authors (Jews), demanded that the undesirable class live separate, and ultimately they solved the issue by systematically exterminating them. When I hear these protesters rally against “colonialism” in education I can’t help but hear echoes of the Hitler youth wanting to revise history to better represent the “one true master race”. The difference between the normal rhetoric about Nazis and this is that these people actually act and sound just like Nazis.


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