The Portland Knife Attacker, He Felt the Bern

The media is doing everything in their power to try and connect the knife attack that happened on a Portland train on May 26th to Trump and the right-wing. They continually refer to Jeremy Christian as a “white supremacist” and Rose city antifa has done everything in their power to try and paint him as an alt-right figure in Portland, there’s only one problem, Jeremy Christian was a devout Bernie Sanders supporter.


This absolutely proves that the media is obsessed with selling a narrative. Don’t misunderstand me, I think it’s dishonest to try and connect people solely to their voting behavior, there are racists that vote for both parties in our country (point proven here) but the media is obsessed with attempting to frame the Right as some violent racist group, though, once again this is really another incident of a young left leaning person engages in violent behavior against someone who disagrees with them, just like what we saw on college campuses against conservative speakers, and the antifa assaults that happened primarily in Berkely, as well as the riots in Washington D.C. during the inauguration.

This obsessive compulsive behavior of the Left to turn Trump’s victory into some existential threat just to punish the American people for not voting the way they believe they should have has reached a fevered pitch to the point that I think it’s time for the American people to demand that the propagandist army of the DNC known as the mainstream media stop slandering the majority of Americans and stop creating the environment that encourages this type of behavior. Since the media has proven that it’s obsessed with bringing up someone’s support for Trump if they believe that there has been a hatecrime committed (which have been proven to be hoaxes) than I think the responsibility is on them to also report that this man supported Bernie Sanders.


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