The Propaganda Machine

Many of those on the Right hate when we accurately define the enemy because we risk sounding like the pedantic intellectual conservatives of the 1990’s, not that those people were wrong, but their messaging was awful and sounded like a doctoral dissertation more than it did an identification of social issues. The point I’m making here is that we have watched our society over the generations get coopted by cultural Marxists, and the Right-wing hates when we point it out. These progressive ideologues have plagued our academic institutions and the media for the better part of the last generations, really post 1960’s.

The main enemy of the people is not the progressive politician, for they are easily voted out of office and often get caught in some corrupt scandal because their ideology is so bankrupt it really fosters corruption. The true enemy we face is the Media, this is one of those “no duh” scenarios that everyone on the Right acknowledges, but are we truly combating it the way it is necessary? The media is the propaganda machine for this cultural Marxism, the Democrat party and the rich globalists who have decided that the U.N. is the new force for global “fairness” after the fall of the Soviet Union. To give you an idea of this propaganda, let’s simply look at some of the personalities who frequent television and somehow never are held accountable when they claim they are “non-biased”.

Joe Scarborough – Host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

Joe Scarborough was a successful congressman in Florida and was well liked in the late 1990’s leading into the early 2000’s. He had made some very good decisions during his tenure as a congressman and was a good example of conservatism while in the House of Representatives. Joe changed, and I don’t mean because he began sleeping with his Co-host Mika Bryzinski whose accolades in media include blonde hair, legs, and a high metabolism, though I don’t totally discount it, it’s really because he was part of the good ole’ boys club that we commonly refer to as Neo-Cons.

Joe now comments every morning about what is going on in politics, usually with a smugness that makes you want to smack his stupid hipster glasses off his face, but the reality is he is either unknowingly or completely on board with pushing an agenda that can only harm the United States by forcing us to capitulate our sovereignty to the United Nations for the sake of “fairness”. Joe built his career at MSNBC as being the true Conservative Republican, and he was supposed to be the balance on the program, the reality though Joe regularly bashes non-Conservative Republican’s while also throwing his support behind socialized medicine like Obamacare, here are some tweets from our “non-biased” host:

Scarborough 2
Joe calling all Republicans liars because he hates Trump and they don’t
Joe calling all Republicans stupid because he hates Trump and they don’t
Joe claiming he supports the true conservative message
Joe selling baseless conspiracy theories about Russia
“Conservative” Joe throwing his support behind Obamacare


Chris Cillizza – Editor at Large for CNN’s Politics section

I will admit I have no love lost for Chris. He is the epitome of the beta male that plagues the progressive movement. This man will spend more time feigning outrage so he can virtue signal to the masses how great a member of the “party” he is.

Chris makes no attempt what-so-ever to hide his ample disdain for President Trump. Like many in the Democrat media complex he has built his job following the 2016 election, around having obsessive fits of rage and near psychotic vomiting every time Trump does anything. People like Chris spend their days selling a narrative that the entire world is over because Hillary Clinton isn’t the President. Now remember, this man is an editor for CNN, the network that had an anchor flip out when someone suggested that they lied and told the nation that you cannot dare question the “stellar journalists” at CNN. This would suggest that they are just reporting the truth and anyone opposed to it just doesn’t like to see it, but let’s see what their editor has to say on a regular basis and you can judge whether or not they get to carry the “non-biased” host:

These are just two examples of the propaganda we see regularly from the media. I was upset but not shocked when the news broke yesterday that CNN was staging a protest in London of Muslims standing against ISIS. The narrative that they are trying to sell is that anyone who claims that Islam needs a reformation, or that we need to be more cognizant of who we are letting into our country, is nothing but fear-mongering and Islamaphobia. The reason for this narrative is that cultural Marxism demands that people lose any feeling of homogeny and they fulfill that need for mankind to belong by having them identify with the state, and therefore the state can tell you what that definition means and how you must act to hold that identity.

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