Democrat calls for unity are a trap to shut down free speech

Inevitably the calls for unity are only effectual to the Right. The Left will virtue signal about togetherness this, and bipartisan that, but it’s all because they are putting what happened at the congressional baseball practice at an arm’s length. The reality is that Democrats are not sorry about what happened, it was the intended consequence the entire time.

The Democrats have been pushing their resistance rhetoric ever since the election, aiming to radicalize a base they disenfranchised during the election when Hillary Clinton rigged the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. The internal civil war within the DNC has forced their public facing message to be more about Trump and Republicans losing than why Democrats should win. The resistance movement is centered on the dehumanization of the opponent to make assaults more palatable to the common person.

There is far more evidence that the Left manufactured this movement for the purpose of destabilizing politics and prohibit Trump from passing his agenda than we have to suggest that it naturally occurred. After inauguration day, the women’s march, antifa in Berkeley, the science march, and the censoring of conservative speakers at college campuses it has become obvious that this movement has been created to silence debate and create an authoritarian grip on speech and press to ensure that Democrats can control their messaging and propaganda unopposed.

Even after the tragedy in Alexandria, Democrats are attempting to sell the idea of unity, it’s only a matter of time until they start discussing the “rhetoric that lead to this tragedy”. We will see suggestions of how the media should address individual politicians, and we will see the media try to make comparisons to this attack and others that have no correlations what-so-ever ala Newton or Denver. The Democrats will want to write a heartfelt law that will help control the rhetoric, a rule they will never intend to play by and will only help them in the future when they want to silence conservatives once again, and if we are lucky, they’ll find a way to make this about guns and may even fear monger some Republicans into passing strict gun control legislation.

The end result in all of this is that the Left will ultimately attempt to capitalize on the politics of the situation. While the GOP is recovering from what was an obvious assault against their members and while they are truly trying to drive for unity, the Left will try and find a way to further their causes and make this as worthwhile politically as possible, remember “never let a good crisis go to waste”.


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